Coking Coal (CCL) is led by people who are passionate about both native forests and metallurgical coal.  The founders, Board and management believe that the two are not mutually exclusive.  Indeed, we have been involved in reforestation works, abandoned land rehabilitation and organic agriculture for years.  And now we are combining the two to help our steel mill partners around the world offset their Greenhouse Gases and green the planet. 

CCL purchased the Pardee metallurgical coal operation in August 2019.  It has a reserve base that will enable CCL to supply metallurgical coal to steel mills for over twenty years.   The Pardee operation straddles the Kentucky/Virginia border in the USA.  Click here for more information

Importantly, Pardee has been operated for 20 years, and previously supplied metallurgical coal products to various steel mills in Europe, South America and the USA.  Permits, leases, environmental bonds, JORC Reserves and relevant infrastructure are in place; but these days, that is not sufficient.  In today’s environment, more is needed, including a comprehensive ESG Strategy (click here for more information) and a dedicated approach to reducing Greenhouse Gases.  

Pardee has teamed up with specialist providers to undertake reforestation projects in Canada, Europe, the USA and Australia.  These projects develop Carbon Credits which attach to CCL’s coal.  In addition, CCL minimizes all Greenhouse Gases associated with mining, beneficiation and transport of its metallurgical coal products. Both approaches are needed to truly combat Climate Change.

Led by Lloyd Hill, former Glencore coal mining operations, and former General Manager who built Terracom’s Mongolian operations, CCL aims to grow to over 8mtpa metallurgical coal production from Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania, and at the same time, become a major reforestation provider.


ESG and Carbon Neutral/Negative Strategy

The Company has developed a comprehensive ESG strategy based on the Sustainable Development Goals developed at the World Economic Forum.  Four key components of the ESG strategy are: Governance, People, Planet and Prosperity.  The Company has further refined the ESG Planet component and is now striving to become a carbon negative metallurgical coal producer, through the use of green electricity powered conveyors rather than diesel trucks to move coal around the site, solar panel and wind turbine installation, and a comprehensive local and international native grass, shrubs and trees reforestation programs. CCL is working to meet the needs of its customers to help them meet emissions targets in an increasingly carbon sensitive world. Many jurisdictions are introducing punitive taxation, legislation and tariffs for steel makers who are not adapting to new protocols.